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Evalena Rose, M. A.
, has been in private practice for 30 years, helping people heal and grow emotionally and spiritually. She has extensively studied alternative healing, body-centered therapies, psychic and spiritual healing, energy balancing, soul retrieval, Tantra, and recovery from incest, abuse, and addictions.

She has channeled the Council of Twelve for 25 years, doing readings with individuals, business owners and entrepreneurs, as well as with groups. She sees clients in Sebastopol, CA and the San Francisco Bay Area and works by telephone with others in several countries and states. Her channeling work continues to be a source of spiritual growth and unfoldment for her and many who see her regularly.

Some individuals work with Evalena first in a therapeutic role to clear issues of childhood and dysfunctional patterns, then move on to channeling for advice and guidance on creating a healthy, fulfilling life, and energetic healing to free the body of the past. Others prefer sessions that include these various modalities in each session.

Evalena has taught seminars for 35 years, including those on sacred intimate relationships, and founded LoveJourney: Tantra of the Heart in 1997, which consists of both workshops and a conscious community developing sex-positive lifestyles. Evalena is a master at creating safe and sacred spaces in which to reclaim sovereignty over our bodies and our lives.

Evalena has a M.A. in Educational Psychology and a B.A. in Psychology and has attended hundreds of post-graduate seminars in a wide range of topics. She is not a licensed therapist, though she has the education of many who are, choosing simply to maintain her freedom to combine healing and therapeutic work in whatever ways are most effective for each person.

Channeled Readings

In Person or virtually, Evalena channels the Council Twelve for spirit guidance in personal life and for Business Guidance.


Heal core wounds that keep you from living the life that you want. Release held emotions and access spiritual resources that transmute patterns from childhood or past lives.


Utilize breathwork techniques and tantra practices to deepen your relationships with yourself and others. Private lessons and group classes.

Multi Dimensional Healing

Release emotional patterns and stuck energy from cells and organs. Evalena works with spirit guides to lift the past our of your physical and subtle bodes.

Open Your Heart & Embody Your Soul!