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Activating the Planetary Grid of Light

We speak to the despair many feel over worsening conditions on your planet. One who is linked to Source is not powerless over outside events, though it may seem so. Where you place your attention is a vote for the reality of your choice. You vote with every thought you indulge, every word you utter, every feeling you feel or repress.

Ancient metaphysical principle: energy follows attention. Western media would draw your attention to sensational and life-destroying aspects of society, while the underground press focuses on what is wrong with world affairs. Both can fuel a downward spiral by describing and sensationalizing it. We support seeking to understand trends of escalating violence, yet focus on discovering causes, not on symptoms. Despair votes for the problems by giving them energy.

The negative you see is the outpicturing of homo sapiens, a species that sees no options. As you evolve into homo noeticus, you open to more expanded ways of knowing, to broader views of reality, new vistas. The front wave of humanity’s evolution is moving beyond the need for violence in order to grow.

The challenge is one of not fighting anything. You do not end something by adding to its thrust with an opposite thrust. Go higher within your Being, to the place that sees all, and allow yourself to grasp the greater purpose of what unfolds before you, how it serves evolution. You can join in resolution by visioning new realities for humanity, by empowering visions of what miraculous change might look like. At any moment a parallel reality might appear, so hold the thoughts and interpretations that fit the reality you choose and empower them with affirmations and ritual.

From a sixth dimensional, Causal, view, parallel realities are like different veils in the time-space continuum, each of which contain fully developed opportunities of how one’s life might be lived. The same incarnation may exist in more than one parallel reality as its Being explores differing responses to the same stimuli. Occasionally, one reality’s sphere of influence touches or overlaps another reality. At such times, you can literally step across to the other, that is, move your point of consciousness from one veil to another. This is the true meaning of exercising free will. It’s an exercise.

When you’ve had a growth spurt, when you heal old patterns and find yourself different, you often have made such a leap. You might feel less connected to or needy of old friends. You may struggle to remember why you got into relationship with your intimate, and need him or her to open further to feel in sync again. A partner who is growing might move into a reality that a partner who resists change does not access, so you feel “worlds apart”. The parallel reality may be one in which one’s role in the other’s life is subtly or even radically changed. If so, one may touch the new reality, yet release it in hopes of bringing the partner there, or may speak the truth and shift the relationship.

Up-leveling the vibration of the Earth is a good way to call a brighter, more light-filled universe into range so you can enter it. A unified field of light has been created by many evolving souls around the world who devote their circles and their meditations to opening doors for Universal Light and Love to bring healing to the planet. Actually, the planet doesn’t need to heal so much as she needs a divergent reality, as do you and others who crave it, in which peace, love, harmony, joy, happiness, pleasure, and loving kindness prevail.

Over the centuries, Earth and her being, Gaia, have been watched over by Ascended Masters and angels who come not to change the world, but to help any who wish to become “not of this world”, to remember they belong to another. Lightworkers for centuries have maintained sacred circles to sustain a flow of radiance to this Earth, and in the 1930’s, sacred geometry was applied to develop a grid of triangles to organize this energy. Prayers and intentions of all who’ve worked the grid add to its vibrancy and capacity to open higher vibrational options.

Before meditating into the grid, ALWAYS set a sacred temple of Light and invoke the Highest. Send your light to link with two of the brightest Lightworkers actively meditating or visualizing any where on the planet (or two friends who agree to meditate at the same time). Imagine your link in consciousness activates triangles around each of you, infusing them with Light, and those activate more until the grid lights up around the globe. Thus a single person can be the cause of energizing and activating the Unified Field of Light. Dream wonderful realities into the grid of light, so each time you meditate, you conjure up another possible way for a grand awakening to happen in the universe you inhabit. Call it into being. Insist on a ride in a more pleasant Universe.

Create a powerful prayer and meditation or use the one below, affirm and visualize the reality you want and trust it is in the offing. Please do this thrice weekly and reiterate the message with a brief prayer, a grace, before every meal.

Father, Mother God, She who created us all, please open a flow of radiance from Your Heart to ours. I call upon my Being to work with angels and archangels to create a Radiant Temple of Light all around me, a crystalline temple of
Sparkling, Radiant Energy. I call upon my Spiritual Family of Light, Beings of Light who love me and have my highest good in their minds and hearts, please come and assist me to activate and energize the Unified Grid of Light around the Earth with great Light and Love, with worldwide harmony and peace.

Imagine a river of light from the Heart of the One Being to your heart. See it as a waterfall of liquid light, sparkling as if in sunshine, washing you clear, cleansing you and your auric field. Then allow that river of light to open you and fill you with radiance, calling in your own Essence nature. Let the Light become a column flowing through your center, linking through your grounding to earth and through your crown to heavenly realms. People in a circle can imagine a radiant column of light through their center with each receiving a stream of light from it, like ribbons from a maypole.

Call in your guides and angels. Invoke many names of the One Being and of Ascended Masters and goddesses you love, specifying the most love-filled, evolved aspect of that being or deity. Ask each: “Help me access the Unified Field of Radiant Light and infuse it with Light and Love from Source. I ask all the realms of light, the realms of illuminated souls, the Devic realms, the archangelic and angelic realms: bring to earth exactly the vibrations and colors and sounds needed to advance the evolution of the species. I ask that in my Universe, the consciousness of this species is uplifted and upleveled, so my loved ones and I live fully in a world of peace and harmony.

“I ask the Nature realms, the fairy kingdoms and elementals to receive these energies and help move me into a reality more aligned with love. I ask my own soul to recalibrate my energies to align me with the brightest future of which I am capable. Help me learn how to live within it and how to say yes to it in every cell of my being, every aspect of my personality. I grant my soul permission to move me toward the heart of peace itself.”

Yes, it will take monumental miracles to create a reality on earth worth living in, so imagine those miracles already accomplished. Vote for your new reality by fervently envisioning it. Focus not on the demise of this reality, for some may choose a shadow world to destroy. Let them have it, as long as you and yours shift to a world that survives and thrives. Focus on what you want, not on what you don’t. Get creative and clever in infusing positive imagery of harmonious, peaceful living into the grid of light.

Gaia is a planetary being, so call in support for her as follows: “I ask a flow of radiance from the Heart of the Universe of Universes, the Center of the Central Source to Gaia, a planetary wide river of Light. May She receive all the rays and vibrations needed to evolve into more peace and harmony.” Imagine a huge planetary size flow of Light emanating from the heart of the Universe, flowing across space and enveloping Earth. See her bathed in an enormous waterfall of light, as you were, cleansed and restored to an awareness of her Light-filled nature.

Your prayers join all those already in the grid making it an engine for change, a vehicle for rising up out of ordinary consciousness and transcending what is thought of as consensual reality. Let the divergence grow, call in the universal qualities you want to live with, and when that universe touches yours, as it will shortly, leap across. You may not fully realize you’ve leapt as the new reality will seem familiar once you are there. You may simply notice you are happy more often. Have a blessed journey. We love you immensely.


The Council of Twelve as channeled through Evalena Rose
November 25, 2002