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Reiki, energetic healing, hands on healingEnergetic Healing

Come gently home to your body as Evalena helps you release emotional patterns and stuck energy from cells and organs. She works with healing guides and angels to lift the past out of your physical and subtle bodies, balance your chakras and energy systems, and bring all of you into current time.

Past lives may be revealed and released, cords to others cleared, fear and anger exchanged for love from Spirit. Possessions and demonic energies are cleared in ways that prevent their return.  Dis-ease becomes ease.

"I've known Evalena for 18 years. She has consistently supported the self-empowerment and self-realization of everyone I know through her numerous gifts and talents. The energy of Divine Mother comes through her to touch all beings." ~L.B.

Therapists often refer their clients to help clear abuse from their physical and emotional bodies. Evalena and guides help release any hold the past has on your body and psyche, making it safer to let go of armoring that results in chronic muscle tension, pain, and illness.

Her gentle, loving touch and compassionate processing helps inner kids feel safe to move out of dysfunctional patterns and into love, often into the great heart womb of Divine Mother. 

"Wow! You removed so much energy from my head that I feel normal for the first time in months and the effects have lasted all week." ~ M. E

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