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​You deserve more of yourself​!

You deserve more of yourself​! I’m impressed with how much we can transmute in our physical body and life, simply by bringing in our Light Body and living from our multi dimensional self. So simple, though it takes years of devotion to self love, meditation, conscious movement, and shifting our thoughts to ​arrive at this…

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When Do I Get to Be Healed?

A Treatise for Survivors of Incest and Abuse You have worked so hard remembering what caused your personality to go astray, healing your past with therapy, releasing it with bodywork. At what point do you say “Enough focus on the past, I am healed!” When do you create a clear presence in the Now, and…

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Through the Eye of the Needle

Through the eye of a needle you must go to reach the levels of unfoldment of which you are capable. Your old patterns have taken you as far as they can go. Even your most treasured coping mechanisms and defense strategies must drop away before you can proceed Home. Through a life of recovering from…

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