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Channelings with the Council of Twelve

Your Prayers Are Needed

As the days wear on and the futility of war becomes ever more clear, it’s easy to slip into numbness and avoidance of things internal. For many that means forgetting to “make time” for meditation, centering, grounding, practicing positive thought and other helpful spiritual practices, as if they are optional. Spiritual tools must be applied…

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Why Would a Soul Choose That?

Ascended Masters often hear questions from those healing abusive and invasive experiences like “Why would my Soul choose this?” and “Why would God let this happen to me?” In cases where the invasion was by a parent or loved one, the inquiry is often a plaintive plea “Tell me how I can believe in a…

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Taking Evolutionary Leaps

So you survived the Grand Cross and Solar Eclipse of August! (An intense astrological configuration in which most planets were squared or opposed to each other forming a grand cross with the sun as it was eclipsed by the sun.) Were you grandly cross these last few months? cranky? challenged by life’s lessons? Have you…

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