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Evalena has the privilege of channeling the Council of
Twelve, one of the ancient Councils of the White Brotherhood of Light, including Melchizedek, Christ, Babaji, Mary Magdalen, St. Germain, and Aphrodite.

Enjoy the feeling of sitting in audience with loving Light Beings who have worked with our planet for eons and bring to each person the very guides and guidance they need for practical solutions in their life.

Channeled Readings

In Person or virtually, Evalena channels the Council Twelve for spirit guidance in personal life and for Business Guidance.

"I keep thinking each session is the best and then it keeps getting topped by the next one. I am so blessed to have you and The Council to call on for guidance and assistance. Thank you so much." ~ Marje Bratcher (Connecticut)

"The best money I have ever spent - with eternal consequences!" ~P.M.

"Evalena is an extraordinarily clear and accurate channel, a dedicated and compassionate healer, and truly a joy to work with! I have been able to overcome significant challenges and make equally significant changes in my life because of her work. I recommend her wholeheartedly and enthusiastically!"   ~S.B.

Individual Readings

Readings are therapeutic and healing rather than predictive, empowering you to intuit solutions from within. Work through wounds of past lives, use imagery and angelic energy to release pain from childhood, and increase your capacity to enjoy fulfilling relationships.

Readings can greatly enhance your capacity to work with Spirit, advance your career path, bring fuller prosperity, and remove blocks to the life you desire.

Business Consultations

Business Coaching for consultants and entrepreneurs helps you build and sustain successful enterprises. Many CEO's, private business owners, and consultants work regularly with the Council of Twelve, as if with an Advisory Board, thankfully one without egos!

We might work collaboratively upon issues like staffing concerns, contractual arrangements and proposals, promotional efforts, what contacts to follow up on and how to approach them, and next steps to fulfill your mission. The Council will help you and your Soul develop an Advisory or Business team of guides and angels to work with your specific concerns.

Relationship Readings

Couple's readings deepen intimacy and clear conflicts. You are guided to look deeply into your patterns and issues to discover ways to resolve differences and work together toward change and greater joy.

Experiencing shared past lives helps couples access skills perfected in other incarnations and release karmic patterns. By bringing those soul level skills into current reality, they enhance their skills to sustain intimacy and create successful lives.

What an incredible blessing (to put it mildly) all our work has been Amazing! Thank you so very much...I am very grateful for your excellent, clear work and want you to know how fabulous a healer/channel you are. ~Sue Bethel, Marketing Consultant (Massachusetts)

I've worked with Evalena for over 20 years in many different, amazing, and beneficial ways, from therapist to healer to channel. Evalena has really supported me in creating my own exceptional, prosperous and fulfilling business. I highly recommend that you experience the magic Evalena can create in your life! ~ Jeanne M., Corporate trainer, Marin County

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Evalena has a M.A. in Educational Psychology, a B.A. in Psychology and has been in private practice for 30 years—Not a licensed therapist.

She is trained in Gestalt, body-centered therapies, inner child work, psychic and spiritual healing, soul retrieval, emotional release, energy balancing, Tantra and intimacy, and recovery from alcoholism, addiction, and abuse.

I feel very appreciated when you refer others to me.
For any you refer who pays full fee for a session, I'll gift you $40 credit toward your own.