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Choosing Parallel Universes

For a simple ticket into a better life call in your future self, one from the most positive possible future, one who has resolved your issues and is living peacefully, happily, prosperously, in more love and joy. Of course, first ground and set a sacred circle of Light around you, invoke Spirit, ask your space be cleansed and pray for protection and guidance.

Ask your Higher Self and Spiritual Family of Light to bring in the highest possible future and specify the qualities you’d like it to have mastered. Then dialogue with this future self and let it guide you to become it. Continue to envision the qualities you wish to align yourself with, call yourself up to them, ask Spirit to help you release all that prevents becoming those qualities, and you can shift your reality toward this brighter future.

Asking for the highest future is necessary as free will allows for any number of probable futures at any time. By asking to meet your ideal future self, you activate your power to choose among parallel universes. By continuing to envision shifting your inner reality, working with Spirit to create this miracle, you allow movement between these universes. In a sense, you remove your belief from your former way of being and attach your belief to a higher way of perceiving, i.e., living with more self trust, deeper self love, and therefore more trust in the Universe.

It is as if, at a moment of great choice, you are set before a “branching program”, much like how the Mississippi River fans out when it reaches its delta. Like the river, you expect only one path; so you assume where you flow is all that is, but parts of your Soul Essence flows down many corridors. Your consciousness can choose which one it follows and, in consciously directing this choice, you uplevel your experience.

You can only see the branching of realities from a very expanded place, a soul-size view, but you can command the highest possible reality and let its natural course draw you to it. Imagine one of the river’s branches begins to magnetize your “experiencing self” to it. Be thoughtful to take all of yourself along, so you don’t split between two universes. This is not usual, but possible if you are highly dissociated, and could create soul loss if you do not fully will all of yourself into the new reality.

You might think, “Well, what if I don’t want some part of my old dysfunctional self there”. Understand, your wholeness might be differently arranged in the parallel universe. You want all your energy there since it’s likely to be one in which you are more integrated and further along than you are now in the amazing process of recovering your Authentic Nature.

Imagine that, in moving along through realms of space and time, you get a glimpse of another you riding along parallel to you, but somehow they got a better break than you, or they took the path you missed, maybe going for that relationship, or following an urge to leave sooner. Perhaps their parents chose differently or they called someone into their lives who shifted what they became.

You see them riding alongside and you choose to leap from your vehicle into theirs. In a sense, you vote for their reality with your attention. You say yes to being simpler, less defended, more in Divine order and manifesting more Light, and you join a reality where that is so. We are not saying this a simple process of just affirming a different choice or changing how you desribe your reality, it means divorcing your past. Sometimes even a ritual of divorce or letting go is indicated; whatever sets you free to leap the gap to a more fulfilling way of being you.

It takes diligent attention over a period of time, marshalling and commanding your spiritual energies, and repeatedly choosing to be different, to make a quantum leap from one reality to a juicier one. But it is possible, and what better game is there to play? It will probably take about an hour a day of focused and careful attention, with your spiritual team of guides and angels assisting you, for 7 to 41 days, depending on your tenacity and the state of your current beliefs. Consider a 30 minute morning process, and brief re-affirmations throughout the day, with a 15 minute bedtime visualization of living the new way.

Of course, you could call in less evolved realities, including some with your past who didn’t make it to this creative, growing phase after your long sojourn into unconsciousness. Because parallel universes exist in both the positive and negative directions, always specify the general positive qualities of the one you want. Your highest possible future self then gets to gather more of your soul energy (you) into its channel, and, in our analogy, that branch of the river becomes larger.

Because this work increases the flow in a positive direction, it can shift the balance point in your soul, carrying you into higher expressions of your soul’s plan. Life can seem more exciting and fulfilling, and you may lose old barriers that block your dreams from coming true. The changes can seem very subtle, but then, are you accessing your same “old universe” memory, or are you remembering in a different way with the mind of the parallel reality? So many fascinating questions, and like many answers in realms beyond the dualistic, “some of both are true”.

Enjoy playing in the realms. Many exalted and enlightening experiences await you and many evolved and ascended beings are available to help if you but ask. We love watching your divinity unfold. Namaste and our deep love and respect for you. The Council of Twelve.

Channeled from the Council of Twelve by Evalena Rose
March 2003