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Feel free to call (707) 824-1118

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Community led by: Evalena Rose, M. A.
Sebastopol, CA

Evalena 707/824-1118,   Office 707/824-1117
E-mail evalena@evalenarose.com

Channeled Readings

In Person or virtually, Evalena channels the Council Twelve for spirit guidance in personal life and for Business Guidance.


Heal core wounds that keep you from living the life that you want. Release held emotions and access spiritual resources that transmute patterns from childhood or past lives.


Utilize breathwork techniques and tantra practices to deepen your relationships with yourself and others. Private lessons and group classes.

Multi Dimensional Healing

Release emotional patterns and stuck energy from cells and organs. Evalena works with spirit guides to lift the past our of your physical and subtle bodes.

Open Your Heart & Embody Your Soul!