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Community led by: Evalena Rose, M. A.
Sebastopol, CA

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Oracle of Change

Evalena channels The Council of Twelve offering practical spiritual guidance in person or by video chat world-wide.  Business guides support entrepreneurs, CEO's, consultants and leaders to evolve practical solutions and effective strategies.


Beyond therapy, healing evolves into wholeness, the past is transmuted by your Light.  Doors open to fulfillment and happiness.  Trauma gives way to new ways of being.  Individuals uncover their essence, couples deepen their skills for intimacy.

Energetic Healing

Come gently home to your body with hands-on energetic healing that releases emotional patterns and pain from cells and organs.  Ascended Masters and angels help release dark energies, past trauma, and multiple causes of what ails you.


Learn the power of breathwork techniques and tantra practices to deepen your relationships with yourself and others. Evalena masterfully links spirituality, sexuality and sensual fulfillment. Private lessons, erotic evenings for lovers, and group classes.

Open Your Heart & Embody Your Soul!