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Empowering Your Intentions

Greetings from the Councils of Light. We are most honored to assist you in manifesting your intentions, especially when you ask clearly and powerfully for what you truly want. It’s not that we care what you have or don’t have, but that by participating in your manifesting, we help you walk more authentically in your power on earth. Before helping, we wait till you clearly ask because we support your development of right use of will and don’t want to take your power.

Intentions come from fertile ground when you first name all that you’re grateful for. Then state your desired intention, in all positive terms, as if it were here and now true: “I now have…”. A clear intention gives the universe permission to get active on your behalf. Imagine your guides and angels receiving your requests and going about the business of creating the synchronistic events that bring them into reality. You can ask your Higher Self to assist you in receiving from the Realms of Light the rays and vibrations needed to manifest these desires.

The more you energize your intentions with your Essence, the more Spirit can join you in the act of creating. Strengthen the power of your intention by speaking from the heart with feeling and animation, infusing your words with your Life Force and enthusiasm. It’s difficult for us to join you in rote recitations of what your mind thinks you need when your heart is not present. The mind negates what it cannot understand, so it may cancel the intention even as it is being spoken. Manifestation is an affair of the heart and of spirit, not of the mind, so lovingly ask it to be still.

You join into the creative nature of the universe even more when you imagine your intention as if it’s already true. For instance, intending a wonderful new home, image enthusiastically walking through it with a friend exclaiming on its beauty and this wonderful feature and that. Joyously comment on how perfectly it matches your needs. Your words, aided by your images, fueled by your heart energy, construct a new reality which you then energetically enter into as if it were true. As you reside in this new reality, even for a moment, your belief adds creative power to your words.

Spirit meets you in this realm of fantasy and turns your imagined future into options along your path. This is when you notice things showing up in your life — meeting someone who has resources you need, a friend or the radio saying exactly the words you need to hear. Perhaps the right person gifts you with their full attention right when you need to think something through, or you feel guided to mention your goal to someone and find they’ve been looking for you.

You may think you have to wrest this new reality from the universe, to demand it or command it. It is really yourself you must command to live so fully in your power, to remember so much that you are one with All That Is, that you allow your abundance, prosperity, fulfillment. Release the isolation, the sense of separation from All That Is, so that Source radiates through all you do. Then you find the resources appear in your path, the contacts show up for you, the connections get made more and more easily. The design is that the resources are on the path when you truly follow your heart.

Spirit guides through the desires of your heart, these desires are the answer to your prayers for guidance. So if you do what you want the most, what you feel compelled from within to do, you are on the path with the most resources. It’s not your job to figure out how to make it all work, that’s the job of God/Goddess, the Spirit that animates this universe. It’s your task to show up, follow your highest truth, move into your authentic nature, and pay attention to the doors Spirit opens for you.

Manifestation may take longer in some areas than others. If it seems sluggish, look at what you intend and be sure its something you want. Spirit has a hard time bringing you something you don’t want or that might harm or diminish you, especially when you also affirm you are guided, guarded and protected at all times. Not much will move until you work through your resistance, either to having it or to asking for what you truly want instead. Look at your fears of success or of visibility, for Spirit does not want to scare you. What would it take for you to enthusiastically embrace what you affirm? Journaling with inner selves or voice dialogue might flush out what blocks you having what you think you want.

Let us speak of this in terms of alternative realities and parallel universes. When you enter into an intention or prayer with a heart-centered presence, offering your spirit into it fully, you begin to bring your desired reality closer to your present reality. With enough intention, they can get close enough to intersect and you can slip from one into the other. Your conscious mind and ego will busily call you back, so you may not stay long. It doesn’t matter how long you stay, simply that you keep creating opportunities for Spirit to bring these two realities into intersection. Eventually, you may step so fully into the intended reality that you take up residence there.

These are phenomenal times. These are the most amazing years, this next decade and a half, times when you can bring into manifestation ways of being you could not have dreamed of before. You’ve chosen to be part of the change force on this planet as she transforms herself. A new species is being evolved here, a species beyond homo sapiens, a species able to function with consciousness of the inner realms all through their earthwalk. As you step into the center of your life and assume the power of a manifestor, you are the new species being birthed on this earth.

Coming together in manifesting circles to share your intentions further empowers them. As you co-create with Spirit, it helps to quicken your energies and break the amnesia so that you may grasp the truth of your true nature and live authentically as the Divine Child. There is only one Being, one Essence of love, and we are all part of this great body of the Source of All That Is. When you remember your divinity, it feels to us like part of our body is awakening and becoming ready to work with the rest of us. All of Spirit wants to say yes to that awakening. It is the joy of us who guide and those who remain in angelic form, to assist you. Namaste.

The Council of Twelve channeled by Evalena Rose