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Invoke Your Highest

In these troubled times, filled with great changes and unusual challenges, it is so vital to use your spiritual practices so you may feel sovereign in your life and choose wisely. For years you’ve heard of new, more rarefied energies coming into Earth. A groundswell of change is underway now and you must keep current with it that the waves not overtake you.

An apt analogy, as forward movement is very wavelike, though many feel confused when ebb follows flow, expecting to reach a place where things finally go smoothly forward. In a planet and body that are mostly water, ebbs and flows are native to all affairs. You make progress on a project, feel as if nothing goes right or moves, only to be followed by another surge forward. You sustain great activity in your society’s ever-broadening search for the next frontier, then need great periods of rest and recreation to rejuvenate.

If you learn to expect this fluid, cyclical aspect of nature, then you rest in times of going backward or standing still, ready to ride forward on the next energy wave. You only know when to rest if you do your spiritual practices, giving your spirit, and your Spiritual Family of Light, room to guide you. Regularly remove your focus from the outer and take up residence within if you wish to live a life that fulfills, not just keeps you busy.

As a species transmuting, you need much spiritual guidance and you need to listen often and follow your intuitive view of the best path. Any one can receive guidance by stilling your mind, asking your most loving guides to clear all that keeps you from receiving. You may feel moved to pick up pen and paper and let words flow, or draw images, even design flyers or plans. Some sit with a day planner, meditate and invoke guides to be present, then chart out goals and plan actions. Still others tape words that come through. Some go into deep peace and simply find the next hours or days easier with a clearer focus.

You don’t have to believe to let guides and angels work with you. Think about it. No loving God would send a soul to Earth without a backup team. No Creator Goddess would set Her children into this density without assigning guardian angels and guides. It’s too tough without a pre-arranged support system to help you see the bigger picture and save time, energy, and money on false paths. You don’t need to be a channel, just let wisdom funnel into you however you will. The way you’re most comfortable with is your best way.

Every person has not only a third dimensional persona, the one you do daily life from, but also a fourth, fifth, and sixth dimensional nature. As you tap into these on-going realities in your Soul, you will find within your dimensional layers all that you need. We Inner Plane Beings help you come home to working with your own Soul, to gain trust again in your Nature.

Here is an Invocation that will help draw your soul’s highest qualities into your body and psyche, thereby making them available as resources. We recommend using these words, or ones adapted to your belief, every day, especially before a big meeting or session. You want to do what is right, but the answers to what is right or wrong are not the answers you seek. You seek sovereignty so you make all choices from your core in alignment with your Highest, choices that are life-giving and affirming, eliminating choices that add more stress and pressure to an already over-filled life. This Invocation helps you become more sovereign.

The Practice:
Every day, call these higher vibrations into your body with you. These words are more powerful when spoken aloud, even more when paired with movement and undulations, perhaps in front a mirror, perhaps dancing with each aspect as it comes in. You can use your hands to draw each down through your crown and smooth that vibration into your chakras, torso and legs. The subconscious mind changes through ritual and imagery, as these help it align with higher vibrations within your being, the better to live in these new paradigms.

As always begin with invoking light and purifying the space around you, praying for safety and protection. Ask your highest and brightest guides and angels to be with you and help this work be all it can be. Breathe between each invoking, feeling that aspect of your Being and of All That Is flow into you.

The Invocation:

  • I call in my Higher Self and ask you to guide me in bringing in the highest and best of my soul, the vibrations that help me live my life in alignment with the Divine Plan.
  • I call in my High Priestess Self. Come live in the body with me and elevate my energies to hold the most Light possible. Teach me of my divinity and restore my Faith in Source.
  • I call in my Spiritual Warrior Self. Bring in courage and discernment, helping me become impeccable in making choices good for me, the Universe and all concerned.
  • I call in my Healer Self. Bring in the highest and best healing skills my soul has developed. Heal me, align me with my wholeness, my Soul’s brightest intention for my health and well-being.
  • I call in my Sovereign Self. Help me live authentically and allow my soul to play within the safety of our sovereignty. Help me trust myself and elevate my trustworthiness.
  • I call in my Sacred Dancer. Come dance the heavens through me and align me with All That Is. I accept the blessing of your Presence and that of all spiritually evolved dancers my Soul is in other realities.
  • I call in my Lover archetype and ask you open me to depths and heights of love.

All this I ask, I command, as it serves the Highest Good of myself, all concerned and the Universe. I ask Goddess to re-create me in Her Image, the Holy Divine Child, perfectly guided and perfectly protected. So Be It. And So It Is. Blessed Be.

Be the wondrous High Priestess you know yourSelf to be. When these higher vibrations fill your body, sit down and look at decisions before you. You’ll be able to narrow your choices to what allows your life to flow well. You cannot do everything you are now able to do well, so choose what pleases and pleasures you and simplify your life enough to make room to dance with the Divine. Literally dance and prance and play and exercise a lot — prerequisites, along with rest and good food, for following your highest path. Take very good care of yourself. Blessed Be. Namaste. We love you. The Council of Light.

Channeled from the Council of Twelve through Evalena Rose
September 2005