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Living From Love

Living as if we are love brings the greatest happiness and inner peace. Living as if we know we are love is living the truth. We are created from Universal Love.  We are birthed in Spirit from the heart of love, and when we tune in deeply to the light of Divinity at our core, we return to absolute love.

A soul never needs to leave the realm of love, yet our human minds take us into thoughts that separate us from love. Each negative thought, that we give our attention to, exposes us to even more negative thoughts, and before long we spiral down into shame, blame, fear, or guilt. Part of the human condition. We can also catch an updraft by focusing on thoughts that uplift.  Of all possible thoughts in a moment, choosing a positive thought each moment can open the door for more positive thoughts to enter.

Every moment offers myriad thoughts.  You get to choose which thought you focus on, which thought you entertain and give real estate in your mind.  Thoughts are always coming and going, choose carefully which kind you give flowers to, or invite to share your dinner.


As we learn to sit on our inner seat of power, we begin to realize that having mastery over our mind means choosing where we let it go at any moment.  In an ego-based life, the mind runs us in circles with us at effect of its meanderings.  The ego uses the past to predict the future, and if we focus on it’s fears and concerns, we lose the now.

In a spirit and heart based life, our mind is a tool and we guide how we wield it. If we want calm, we focus on calming thoughts and ignore others. If we want love, we invite loving thoughts to the table, and ignore those that judge or separate.  To be able to keep choosing loving thoughts, sit often at the altar in your heart and see the world through the eyes of your heart.  So vital I’ve created a 5 minute grounding and manifesting.. See below.  Enjoy, put audio on your phone, yours to share.

The inner seat of power from which we gain this level of sovereignty is accessed through deep groundedness and breath.  Bringing your presence into the core of your body, you can become resident in all your chakras and available to their resources. In this state of deeply inhabiting the body, we gain access to body intelligence, our emotions as an internal guidance system, and our intuitive wisdom. The mind becomes one of many means of knowing and often works best as a servant to the others rather than believing itself in the lead.


We are evolving a new species on this planet, some call homo noeticus – those with all means of knowing fully open.  Some say, homo luminosity – those who align with their divine light.  Your light, your heart, your collaboration with Spirit through prayer and practices allows you to stay in the center of the path of your Soul’s plan.  All the resources you need are placed along that path, and the desires of your heart guide you there.

Trust yourself, your whole self, and become deeply present to who you are as a divine being, so that you utilize all your spiritual resources and become Love Itself.  Love awaits your coming home.