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MetaTherapy: A Spiritual Alternative to Therapy

"Probably the most impactful, profound counseling I've ever had. Not only is Evalena a highly skilled therapist, she creates a safe, loving space where you feel comfortable getting to the inner core issues holding you back. Evalena instinctively knows exactly when and how to prod in her gentle, loving way to guide you through to the other side."
~T.S., Sebastopol, CA

Evalena helps you heal core wounds and dissolve stuck places in your psyche. She guides you to release held emotions and access spiritual resources to transmute patterns from childhood or past lives. Communing with subpersonalities helps meet inner needs, making it safe to drop old defensive systems.

You gain insights, greater authenticity, nurturing connections with Spirit, and courage to initiate new ways of being. Evalena may lead you in rituals, visualizations, movement, or psychic healing guided by her empathic understanding and strong, intuitive connection with Spirit.

  • People advanced in their healing find Evalena capable of working at an accelerated pace, helping you integrate all the tools you've gained to create a life of true happiness and real intimacy.
  • For those recovering from abusive, dysfunctional homes, she helps uproot the core of defensive postures to allow a high quality life, freed from the shackles of the past.
  • Couples are guided to release pain and turmoil from their relationship so they can open to deeper communication and sexuality.


Heal core wounds that keep you from living the life that you want. Release held emotions and access spiritual resources that transmute patterns from childhood or past lives.

Vlogs and teachings

Valuable tips on living as an Empath, navigating evergy, grounding and lessons from The Council of Twelve.

"Evalena is someone who truly walks her talk, living and breathing the balance and love that she teaches others to find."

"I owe so much to you, for starting me on a different path and continuing to support me on it. I am a different person thanks to you."
~Dot. S., Novato, Back Pain Specialist

"Evalena is truly a gifted soul. She always demonstrates the utmost integrity and wisdom in her therapy sessions. I have used her services for years and consider her an invaluable asset to my life on many levels. She has helped many of my friends and family, with extraordinary results."

"Evalena is an expert therapist for the mind, body and spirit. She integrates a plethora of modalities to reach into the core of a person and help them integrate life experiences into a sense of wholeness and oneness with the divine. Ultimately, Evalena is like a true medicine woman/shaman/therapist who works with your inner-demons like a midwife, allowing you to breathe into a re-birthing of your self."

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Evalena has a M.A. in Educational Psychology, a B.A. in Psychology and has been in private practice for 30 years—Not a licensed therapist.

She is trained in Gestalt, body-centered therapies, inner child work, psychic and spiritual healing, soul retrieval, emotional release, energy balancing, Tantra and intimacy, and recovery from alcoholism, addiction, and abuse.

I feel very appreciated when you refer others to me.
For any you refer who pays full fee for a session, I'll gift you $40 credit toward your own.