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Mother Loves You

I am your Mother. You are my Divine Child, my only Child, for there is only One of Us. We all live within the One Being, we are same, family. You, the Divine Child, and I, your Mother, the Feminine Aspect of God, GODDESS. I am the Trinity in feminine form: Creatrix, Preserver/Destroyer, creating what you pray for, preserving what you envision, destroying what is destructive that you surrender.

Call on me often. Let me call you to your Authentic nature while in the dense shroud of flesh. No one on your world holds full awareness all the time. Entering into matter always carries amnesia, for when you hold continuous memory of being One, the illusions of incarnation cease to exist and you enter the fourth or fifth dimension.

On the fifth, things and belongings, places in space and time become unnecessary as you approach living in the unified state again. You, dear ones, will eventually reside on these higher realms. It’s only a matter of time. From your perspective, time means the years or lifetimes it takes to get there. From Mine, time is the glue that bonds you to the third dimension. Give up the habit of maintaining your life within time, and other dimensions open to you.

The One Being extends aspects of Itself into this third dimensional semi-hellish, semi-Eden world in order to examine Universal Love, Kindness, Patience, Tolerance, Surrender, and Peace. These qualities are so endemic to being Divine that We cannot fully comprehend their grandness, save by grappling with their opposites. We know studying war, hate, rage, and cruelty is extraordinarily unpleasant, and it grows difficult to remember they are only illusion, yet many positive, soul-changing lessons are learned in relation to these plagues.

When Our Essence devolves into matter, its furthest extension is such horror. As that energy reaches and passes bottom, it forms the negative “past lives” you’ve experienced. As it evolves back toward Source, it forms the best of your Soul’s incarnational experiences. You, by reason of finding these words, are advanced in your evolvement so that you are nearly ready to enter the fourth dimension. There the veil thins.

In the fourth dimension, you find yourselves capable of co-creating your reality, mocking up your dreams in substance so you can see the out-picturing of your mind more clearly. You advance through the levels of that plane, each more in touch with your true Divine heritage more than the one before.

You have felt the desire to merge, felt it drive you deep into sexuality, the internal desire system WE gave you to remember what Home is like. Sexuality and sensuality carry you beyond your bodies, made dense to shield against the violence of your world. As you open and grow in sensitivity, your body lightens up, and may take on other’s pain and patterns in your frenetic times. If you experience backaches, headaches, joint pain, or stomach upsets, you may be carrying some of the weight of the world.

Give it over to Spirit, to your guides and angels whose chosen task is to assist you, for intra-dimensional work is an exciting role to play in eternity. Give yourself over to Me. Ask Me to hold you and absorb your pain, the aches of being human, the terrible wounds of living in duality where violence cohabits with love, and hate with kindness.

My heart is always available to you, to nurture and sustain you. Ask me to hold you, or your inner Child/ren often, hourly if you like. My heart is always available, so your asking is to help you feel My love. Breathe your pain, your fear, your hurt into My heart. I absorb it into the Light and breathe the sweetest, most nurturing love back to you. With every outbreath you empty the past and Earth’s pain. With every in-breath you Inspire My Love. Let’s breathe together, now.

Divine Mother as channeled through Evalena Rose
April 26, 2001