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Participating in Alchemy: The Crucible of These Times

We greet you, Lightworkers, with great love and respect for all you are giving to this healing process. Please continue your prayer vigils, candlelight vigils and peace vigils for weeks. Your circles can source Universal Love and Light, offering solace and support to those who severely need it. You may recall times of adversity when you were supported energetically and the feelings of that love helped you bear it.

We, the realms of Light and you, citizens of earth, are in an alchemical process now, a process of great change. What you think and where you give the power of your focus matters a lot now. Stay attuned to Higher Reality and keep coming back to your breath and grounding so you might anchor the Light and Love and Peace that are needed here, not join in the suffering.

Compassion does not always mean collapsing into the pain of others, though with such a horrendous catalyst, deep mourning is natural. The compassionate heart may also transcend the emotions of those suffering to engage the flows of healing energy and love needed to sustain them. Those with the fortune of no direct losses can hold the unified field of love for those who need every ounce of strength they can garner.

Be present in every exchange. You never know which person you link with might desperately need the boost of a caring contact, so take care with every heart you are near. The angst in the air makes people testy and can easily lead to upsets if you let it. Be mindful and name what is happening for what it is, apologize, and ask persons near you for mutual reminders to be kind.

This great pressure cooker you are all in has the power to create deep and abiding changes in your personality if you allow it. We suggest you go about your life as you might go about a spiritual retreat, focusing on the moment and living it with awareness and presence. Not isolating, for the world needs your Light, but choosing carefully where to put your attention so you can be truly present to work the alchemy.

The alchemical energies are strong, so move a bit slower and watch who you are in the world, consciously choosing behaviors that reflect the best you. Meet eye to eye on the street, greet each one, enjoying the diversity that is this species. Be thoughtful to treat people as you wish to be treated, for how we are with each other now sets the stage for many months and years to come.

Each of you must find your own action agenda, be it donating blood or money, working in the peace movement, organizing prayer or discussion circles, or working out your inner violence. All responses are needed and for some the true healing work is that within. Each person who dissolves their last attachment to violence helps to draw forth a reality of peace.

Let the alchemy work. Call in the assistance you need to surrender and let it rework you, hone you to be more authentic and less a reactive ego. Nothing is to be lost except the past and non-essential patterns. Your Essence is Peace. Live there. Come back to peace every time you leave it, be that 100 times an hour or only a few unhappy hours every day or two.

Your thoughts may turn toward violence as the perpetrators of these acts desire, but school them. Call them back to peace and love and forgive all that transpires in your mind, refusing to beat even yourself up. Allow yourself to be transformed and pray your nation and its leaders will be too. Show the way.

We are here with you, guiding your steps, and we are with those departed and those in grief. Feel our presence and join us in Presence. We love you. Namaste.

Guidance from the Council of Twelve, Channeled through Evalena Rose
Sept. 14, 2001

Feel free to pass this along, copy for others, or use in any way that serves.