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Intensive Retreats

Consider gifting yourself a deep dive into every change process you seek, with Evalena as your guide.  These 2-5 days are life-tranforming, known to create radical shifts in one's healing process and quantum leaps forward. Customized to the needs and goals of each person, couple, or work group. 

Together, we flush out intentions and desires, hopes and fears, set goals, perhaps aided by channeling, Tarot, medicine cards, or astrology.  Having been a student of healing arts for 40 years, I bring a vast array of modalities to clear issues and patterns at so many levels of causation that we create lasting change.

Days include a few 1 to 2 hour segments of MetaTherapy, channeling with the guides, energetic healing, perhaps therapeutic massage.  Significant time is devoted to private contemplation, meditation, time in nature and journaling to integrate the work and rest.  Can include organic meals.

Individuals: Immerse your whole self in the changes you seek in a safe and sacred container.  No longer needing to hold it together, you can let go deeply into your own alchemical process.  Our sessions catalyze change and give comfort and support to your evolutionary leap.

Bring an altar and sacred objects, your journal, comfy clothes and comfort items.  Residential needs accomodated as are food preferences.

Couples: Work through sticky issues and patterns at many levels of causes:  childhoods, past relationship PTSD, karmic patterns, entrenched positions that disrupt love.  Being guided toward healthy communication skills, with days to practice them, helps install new patterns, tools, and commitments.

Pleasure mapping sessions can help open new levels of sensual and sexual pleasure, and expand skill levels.  Practicing making requests and giving feedback in a context of love helps you evolve a communicating style that deepens eros and leads to ecstasy.

Sexual activity is welcome outside session time and helps integrate the changes, hopefully celebrate them.

Work groups:  Use this safe container to bring to light issues and concerns that need time to address and resolve.  We co-design an experience of deeply listening to each other, resolving differences, accepting diversity, and evolving practical solutions. If desired, we can bring in specialized business and communication coaches.

Digital free for maximum interpersonal rapproachment and emotional healing, clearing of communications.  Or if collaborating in a planning way is likely, bring computers and digital aids.

For longer retreats, time in nature, long walks or time at the beach help with the integration process and allow for fun and rejuvenating time with Evalena.  Helps open the body for the deep healings possible.

Evalena's business experience includes organizational development in the early 80's and developing 5 successful private practices and a workshop business.  She often advises people initiating a private practice or new career path. Once an Executive Director of a non-profit, she has sat on Boards of Directors, and was President of Austin Area Holistic Health Association for 5 years.  For 15 years, she has channeled business guidance to consultants and coaches, picking up a lot of knowledge along the way!

"Evalena is someone who truly walks her talk, living and breathing the balance and love that she teaches others to find."

"I owe so much to you, for starting me on a different path and continuing to support me on it. I am a different person thanks to you."
~Dot. S., Novato, Back Pain Specialist

"Evalena is truly a gifted soul. She always demonstrates the utmost integrity and wisdom in her therapy sessions. I have used her services for years and consider her an invaluable asset to my life on many levels. She has helped many of my friends and family, with extraordinary results."

"Evalena is an expert therapist for the mind, body and spirit. She integrates a plethora of modalities to reach into the core of a person and help them integrate life experiences into a sense of wholeness and oneness with the divine. Ultimately, Evalena is like a true medicine woman/shaman/therapist who works with your inner-demons like a midwife, allowing you to breathe into a re-birthing of your self."

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