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Self-Love: The Universal Remedy

A Solstice Greeting

Love is at the heart of healing and emanates most clearly when you live in self-love. Others gain more of your true gifts when you're in a nurturing relationship with yourself. The seat of self-love is the base of the heart, and when it is fully engaged, it links strength, power, and will from the solar plexus to the heart's love and compassion.

Self-love is activated by self-care, having routines that center you, ground you, warm your heart, and nurture your soul. It's when you feel cared for and cherished that you are most capable, most able to actualize yourself, to become the highest expression of God/dess you're meant to be.

Basic truth: there is only one Being, right? That One Being, however you name It, permeates all, right? Including you? You may put yourself outside God, but who else would you put there? Trust that your core is divinity Itself, and the divine within you knows how to love you. Surrender beliefs you don't know how and let yourself remember. Practice self-love.

Can you hold yourself? Can you curl up in a ball in front of a fireplace or deep within the covers and rock and soothe the parts of you that need it? Can you parent your scared inner children, be the ground of safety for them? How much are you doing the self-care you've promised yourself?

At the bottom of almost every ailment, illness, life crisis, or addiction lays the need to come into a love relationship with self. Shift your inner conversation from shaming, blaming, or berating self or others to compassion and forgiveness. Become the nurturing parent you've always deserved.

Reclaim the energy of trying hard to be good enough, of inventing what you think others want, and rest in the knowledge that you are already all you need to be. Divine at your core. All the oddities of your personality, the coping mechanisms that result in weird behavior, even that which sabotages you, is part of your soul's plan.

When you accept that everything that happens serves a purpose, internal shame dissolves. When you give up self-recrimination, and accept that the journey is just what it's meant to be, then you can grow into self love and unconditional acceptance, from which comes peace.

New questions want to get asked. Instead of "Can I tolerate this?" or "Must I put up with this?" it's: "Can I expand to include this?" Focus within your heart and from there hold whatever you feel reactive to and ask "Can I let this be?" "Can my heart expand to simply say yes to what is?" This releases the struggle with life, the effort to change the present moment, the need to control. You get the joy of an opening heart and everyone else gets to be who they are. Ahh! Ease!

When someone requests something of you, the self-loving question is: "What do I want right now? (emphasize "I"). You can likely do what's asked, you might want to if time allowed, you can see how others would benefit, yet check in with: "Is this mine to do?". Cherish your time, live from your center and check in with your heart to see if your true response is yes, no, or "I'll get back to you" (maybe). Maybe allows you to make your choices in meditation and contemplation.

Let their request be about them, rather than make it your obligation. Their preference is not your requirement. It honors them to find your true answer, rather than over give and then resent. Give yourself permission to always negotiate what works for you, trusting they have resources and can get their needs met, even if you are not meeting them.

Will self-love cure cancer, illness? Not alone, yet it is essential to any successful treatment plan. Auto-immune diseases require healing the thymus, the central gland for the immune system, residing in the heart chakra, right in the center of the chest. Living as a child of the Universe who deserves to be cherished and treasured, opens the thymus to optimal functioning.

Blaming and berating self makes your inner kids feel unloved and wrong, lowers self esteem, and causes your psyche to resort to outdated protective systems. Assume any sub-personality that uses those coping mechanisms is trying to help in some way. Honor them and help them know you no longer need the help, that you want to take care of them now. Breathe and nurture those kids, coax them to be held, to come into your heart and be loved, and you'll see old habits fade.

Quit trying to fix yourself and open a big heart space to love every age and stage of you. Forgive yourself and others because it sets you free. Forgiveness must, at its heart, be selfish - done because you feel better forgiving, regardless of who deserves what.

Come live in your heart. Take up residence there. Let your Light spiral down your center, and fill your core with your Essence, which magnetizes your energy inward and allows you to release others and the past. Claim your body as your private home, and fill it with your essential nature so you no longer take on energies of others.

Honor that you are the most important person in your Universe, because you are the Godself at its heart. Your life, well-lived, advances the fortunes of all. Please wrap your arms around yourself, imagine our arms join you, and bless yourself. Blessed Be!

~ The Council of Twelve, channeled through Evalena Rose December 20, 2010


Evalena Rose, M.A., channels the Council of Twelve, bringing through messages from Ascended Masters to support Earth's healing in these amazing and troubled times She does spiritually-based therapy and multi-dimensional healing, involving an increasing range of healing therapies since 1979. She is available for individual readings in Sebastopol, CA, and by phone worldwide and has channeled for people from 22 states and 12 countries. This site, evalenarose.com, has information and a video about Evalena's work.

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