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Taking Evolutionary Leaps

So you survived the Grand Cross and Solar Eclipse of August! (An intense astrological configuration in which most planets were squared or opposed to each other forming a grand cross with the sun as it was eclipsed by the sun.) Were you grandly cross these last few months? cranky? challenged by life’s lessons? Have you felt your identity slip as you examine old values? Found it difficult to keep your equilibrium during radical changes in yourself or your family? Needed more sleep yet still felt tired?

When heavenly bodies “square off” and pull against each other from all four sides of the earth, it creates great stresses, strains, and a strong impetus to action, especially for Aquarians, Taureans, Leos, Scorpios and those with major transits in these signs. Coinciding with the eclipse, plus this cusp of a millennium, an age (2000 years) and an aeon (26,000 years), this alignment opened a doorway of cosmic proportions, activating deep transformational changes.

Spirit is maximizing the use of this opening by beaming enormous energies to quicken your growth. These may at times seem difficult to deal with, but if you breathe and meditate enough, get still and surrender enough to step out of the illusion of your life, you will find these rays open pathways on which you can ascend home, at least for brief moments. The less attached you are to your ego identity, the more willing you are to float free of who you know yourself to be, the more likely you are to make evolutionary leaps.

You may have felt great stress building until August 11 and since then, release from old strains and patterns, though the circumstances of your liberation might have been difficult (the maya, the illusion of what is happening). In such a super charged atmosphere, you can literally drop old ways of being and adopt other ways more conducive to remembering you are Divine in a human bodysuit. The opportunities for amazing growth continue through next summer, so request the spiritual support that allows you to utilize these times when the veils are thinner.

In response to your prayers for guidance and spiritual support, the Realms of Light are sending you the rays and vibrations needed to reconstitute yourself more in accordance with your Divine Plan. In the height of the effect of this Grand Cross/eclipse, many felt brief moments of vertigo, a feeling of loss of ground as the organizing point of their personality shifted. You may remember moments when you truly did not know who you were or where you were, times when your personality disorganized and reformulated itself. These may continue.

Your prayer might be “Divine Mother, please hold me closely in your embrace (heart, womb) and recreate me in Thy Likeness. Help me become fully my Authentic Nature. Dissolve and release all that is not me, take my past, my addictions, other people’s energies and programming. Help me release all that blocks the One from moving through my thoughts and words and actions.” Such prayers help you harness these flows of Universal support and evolve toward new levels of awareness and functioning. Expect quantum leaps and ask for them to be gentle, easy, and filled with love. Allow yourself to change beyond where you can predict yourself.

If you don’t already accept that just about everything about you will change as we go through these “end times” and enter the next Age, then we suggest you consider it. These changes are demanding, though much desired, and require more sleep, more rest, more play, though you probably have to wrest yourself away from the “too many things that need to be done”. You must indulge in excellent self care to be able to let go enough to evolve your new nature. Ask for exactly what you want, give feedback to let it come in ways that serve you, set boundaries so you do not let yourself be drained, and surrender when your support and help comes in ways different than you expected.

Such tumultuous times are full of surprises, even for us. Free will always makes more than one future possible, and with so many people in flux, so many choosing to rise or sink, many different futures are possible. Keep visualizing the outcomes you want and vote for them with your actions and your imagination. Clearly and consciously choose that the world ease into the next millennium with changes, yes, but positive ones of increased community and increased awareness of the interconnectedness of all life.

We are with you and together we can draw this Earth through the gateway to a more positive, heart-centered, peace-filled reality. We do so each time one of you accepts the deep internal changes that remove you from the heritage of the invading hoards who eradicated the goddess cultures, and restore you to your former awareness of being Her Child.

You have more support from the Inner Realms that you have tapped and more than you ever will know. Ask for guides and angels from the Radiant Light to help you with any area of your life. Your request will be answered and your progress assisted. We love you. Namaste.

The Council of Twelve, channeled by Evalena Rose
October 2002