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Tantra is a Sanskrit name for a system of spiritual advancement, a deep mystical path that goes back millennia to the Vedas. Tantra is a broad weaving together of spiritual and romantic arts to celebrate the sacredness in all of life.

We utilize breathwork, meditations, rituals, sacred touch, healthy communication skills and dance to open to greater ecstasy.  Kundalini becomes a resource in all of life.

"Evalena and the team that supports her creates a safe, nurturing and grounded space to explore the natural flow of sexuality, boundaries, permission and the intimacy that is at the heart of desire and connection." Shoshana Frumkin 

To learn more about Tantra and Evalena's seminars, see LoveJourney: Tantra of the Heart.  For information on Evalena's life-changing Six Month Group called Sacred Paths to Erotic Bliss, click here.

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Introductory Evenings 

Sacred Intimacy and Erotic Arts 
Fridays 7-10 pm

Sebastopol, Tiburon, Berkeley, CA

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Explore arts of connection and passion through spiritual practices and safe, heart-centered interactions.  


Evalena guides a meditation of reclaiming our sexuality and demonstrates tantric breathing.  Enjoy pleasant one-on-one exchanges celebrating divinity in each of us.

♥ Explore energy-moving breathwork and imagery ♥
♥ Deepen contact with your inner lover ♥
♥ Feel honored as the goddess/god you are ♥
♥ Enjoy a gentle ritual and safe, sacred exchanges ♥
♥ Open your heart to greater love ♥


Experience how the ancient arts of Tantra can enhance your capacity for intimacy and open you to full sexual aliveness.

$25/person, $40/pair   Pre-registration is required.

Register Now or call 707-824-1117.


Want us to come to you?

If you’d like to host an introductory evening in your area, within 90 minutes of Sebastopol, CA and are willing to gather at least 16 people, contact us.  We’ll present a delightful evening to your people.

“Gazing in each other’s eyes was euphoric, amazing after many years together. Evalena really kept the class flowing in clear, wonderful language. Her sexy voice kept me captivated the entire time.” ~ A.C.

Private Tantra Lessons

Study this extraordinary path with Evalena as an individual, couple, or small group of friends. Enjoy in-depth breathwork practices that make kundalini a resource in all of life.  Learn communication skills to support healthy intimacy, explore sacred touch. 

Couples expand their capacity to connect at deep, fulfilling levels. Erotic communication skills help both people get their needs met, make requests and give feedback in ways that increase their erotic charge.

Become an apprentice for support in developing your own teaching or private practice in Tantra.

Vlogs and teachings

Valuable tips on living as an Empath, navigating evergy, grounding and lessons from The Council of Twelve.