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Through the Eye of the Needle

Through the eye of a needle you must go to reach the levels of unfoldment of which you are capable. Your old patterns have taken you as far as they can go. Even your most treasured coping mechanisms and defense strategies must drop away before you can proceed Home.

Through a life of recovering from this era’s dysfunction and healing karma, you have developed many adapatations and techniques for living, some of which no longer serve. The passage to a life worthy of your dreams allows no baggage.

The next step for you, the advancing consciousness of the race, requires entering as one enters birth: naked and defenseless, ready to meet whatever comes with humility and surrender. You’ve called, invoked, and magicked in a higher reality, now LIVE IN IT. Live it. Live as if your dreams and brightest visions are coming true all around you, may appear as suddenly as the Little People do.

Faith and action are what’s needed. When the wave of life carries you forward, its easy to trust the Universe and enjoy your faith. You advance beyond your knowledge and are taken closer to Home than your mind could take you. In the natural ebbs and seeming backward motion, conscious mind and ego try to make something happen, the link with Spirit may be ignored, and struggle abounds. That’s the time for action. Say Gratitudes. Set Intentions. Place your order with the Universe.

Vision the future you want, and imagine living in it as richly and fully as you imagine your favorite sexual fantasy or gorging on dessert. Put your heart and soul in it and see pleasures that come when living in these visions. Become that pleasure, bring it right here now. You never know when a parallel universe might come near enough for you to jump across, so live as if one is a thought away.

Live in your Soul. Your soul knows how to do this, and can help when you open to it repeatedly. Prayer is not for us, the realm of guides and Councils, not even for God who needs not to hear your thoughts to know your totality. Prayer is for you, for building your confidence that someone else is on the job, and together we can carve a good life regardless of the cards you dealt to you.

Many of you ask God/Goddess, how could this happen to me. Why do You allow it. Why don’t/ didn’t You stop it. What did I do to deserve this? She/He, the One Being, responds:

My child, nothing you did or can do deserves any violence against your soul. I never intend anything at all to happen to you, certainly not anything bad. Life’s fashion must be somewhat random for souls to gain the lessons they seek in the difficult job of incarnating. Most of you have been around the wheel too often to need simple lessons, wouldn’t bother repeating any, so only lessons big enough to help you jump into a parallel universe are worth the price you pay. You come to learn you are gods and goddesses yourselves, for what else can you be, Children of My Soul.

No one “deserves” abuse or illness or suffering. All deserve to be treated with utmost respect and dignity. Everyone is, on all realms except the third. The upper realms have chosen to create schools offering lessons in the opposites of Unconditional Love and Infinite Compassion. Earth is one such school, and you’ve been enrolled in one of the lower classes where violence runs amok. You are graduating and may now move to a higher level of study, a parallel earth with lighter lessons. Hence, the eye of the needle.

The realms are all linked and anything your Soul is experiencing in your realm is felt and absorbed by the other levels of your Being. You can link with the Highest and Best of your 5th dimensional and 4th dimensional selves and allow yourself to be supported in finding higher paths through your lessons. These levels of your Being, as well as your Highest and Best Future Self, can open visions showing you portals through which you can move into your more Expanded Self.

Hold prayers to live as your Essence, do visualizations of bringing your Essence Self into your shushumna, your central channel of light,, and invoke the name of the One Being when you wish to surrender and release old ways. Ask God/Goddess to dissolve all that blocks your flow and I do. In my vision you are all flow, there is no other. There is nowhere outside God. We are One, and there is Only One Being.

As you pray, use your words as a meditation, along with your breath, to remember Who You Are and to return to being Oneness. Ask for and intend the highest outcomes. Allow the Oneness to be in you. “God Be Me. Goddess, recreate me in Your Image, as I was always meant to be. Bring me home and bring Home into me.”

You want so to return home. Of course. Earth is denser than most places and experiences you can enter in the Cosmos. But you are there for a reason and your Soul went to a lot of trouble to get you there. Your lessons in all you need to release, for the circumstances of your life hold the key to your soul’s plan. They produce the opposite of what you came to manifest and experience. Seeking to understand unconditional love, you drew judgmental, hateful love; to learn about absolute trust, you attracted betrayal.

Nothing wrong has happened to you, for all is part of the curriculum your Soul set out for you, so that a piece of its God knowledge could be further developed. It’s a study. Accept it as such, stop taking it personally, and release every place that resists life. As you meet life with tolerance, it meets you with love. Where you fight it or another, your resistance is met with difficulty. Where there is struggle, look within to see where you are attached to railing against reality, and look for its lesson.

Tolerance, so little understood in chaotic times, is simply meeting everything with “yes”. Look for the good in it. What life dishes up is fodder for growth and fuel to burn away all but the Truth, sometimes through igniting justified anger and ancient rage. The ego pulls you into overwhelm and self-denial so you won’t take this journey. Your soul, and more and more of your spirit, draws you to let go, give it up, and let be whatever is. Suffering comes only from the need to change it.

All must be good (sometimes seen only in the long run) for all comes from My Heart. I am continuously visioning you perfect, my beacon so you will unfailingly find your way home. That is guaranteed. What is up to you is how many years, or decades, or lifetimes you will take to get Here.

There are no past lives. It is all simultaneous in Me. Your Essence continues to evolve through many planes of existence processing this experience and adding many layers to it. Meanwhile, your Soul lives many lives you’d call past or future. The best is yet to come, but your ticket for a good run through the 4th, 5th, and 6th dimensions is a life well and fully lived here. You are not the victim, nor the survivor. You are the Godhead becoming Itself in your unraveling. You are Blessed. Namaste!

The Council of Twelve as channeled through Evalena Rose