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Women's Visioning Circle

"I love this ritual. I come back year after year because it helps me manifest the life of my dreams."

Two days of Visioning and Manifesting with Evalena Rose and percussionist and activist, Afia Walking Tree.

Weaving ritual, goal-setting, dance, and performance art to manifest your highest goals and desires for 2016. You leave with a lovely Vision Board and grounded Action Plans.

Vision and Embody Your Dreams using the magic inherent in a circle of powerful women who drum, dance, move, and share ritual together. Employ practical tools and strategies for weaving these visions into your life. Compassionate support of amazing women help energize new ways of being.

An extraordinary way to begin a New Year!

 New Dates TBD

Day 1: Saturday, 10am - 9:30pm
Women's Visioning Day of Ritual
Inspiring! Delightful! Empowering

  • Explore your life's purpose and gain guidance from your future self.
  • Dive deep to discover what blocks your treasured goals from coming true. Identify ways you sabotage yourself.
  • Join a powerful drumming circle, guided by our amazing Afia, to support each woman's dance of release as she surrenders her blocks to a roaring fire.
  • Share the pleasures of creating colorful Vision Boards, - treasure maps - that personify your goals and desires in nine areas of life.
  • Experience the depth and awe of a circle of sisters helping you breathe life and passion into your highest visions shared through word, vision map, song, or dance, perhaps set to Afia's drumming.
  • In sacred and playful celebration, we co-create magic for ourselves and Gaia.

Day 2: Sunday, 10:30am - 5:30pm

Moving Visions Into Reality

Building on Saturday's goals, Sunday focuses on:

  • Utilizing practical strategies and planning tools to create pathways to accomplish goals through mind maps, effective action plans and time lines.
  • Releasing old patterns and fears of success through a guided drumming circle, walking on the land, and ritual.
  • Energize new ways of being with support of this compassionate circle of women affirming your next steps with you.
  • Focus groups help you work out knotty problems of projects, think through steps to develop and promote your business.
  • We complete with nurturing circles where each woman receives the touch, affirmation, and support she requests.

This day deepens your commitment to your goals and your capacity to have them guide your actions.

"A wonderful day in a sacred setting with skillfully facilitated exercises to open to one's truest voice. Filled with exploration, discovery, nurturing, and RESULTS!"

"The second day made the whole experience richer because we'd built affinity and safety as a group. We used so many different ways from serious to silly and playful, to forge a commitment to our dreams."

Give yourself the gift of this amazing weekend. It more than pays for itself in visions fulfilled!

Meet Our Presenters

Leader of these powerful rituals, Evalena Rose, M.A. offers MetaTherapy, channeled readings, and multi-dimensional healing, helping people transform their lives for over 30 years, to her great joy!

Her popular seminars in healthy intimacy and sacred sexuality reveal her mastery in creating sacred experiences in which to fully realize yourself.

She founded LoveJourney: The Healing Path of Tantra in 1997, which has grown to encompass both workshops and a compassionate community ~ one for women only, one for men and women.

Afia Walking Tree - world-class percussionist, cultural ambassador, spiritual activist, empowerment facilitator, leadership development advocate and trainer.

For over 14 years, Afia has served her destiny as visionary director of her brainchild, Spirit Drumz, an international organization that prioritizes women and youth of all cultures to utilize African Diasporic drumming, dancing, and storytelling to activate empowerment and healing

What participants say

"How wonderful to be blessed with such a safe, inspiring, and magical opportunity to embody our dreams in a community of fabulous women. An amazing, unique and transforming retreat."

"Pampering oneself at the soul level."

"Amazing ritual in a wonderful group of loving, supportive women. I encourage anyone interested in healing mind/body/spirit in a loving, positive environment to attend. Group is mixed, all ages, bi/het/lesbian women, couples and singles."

"This experience will change your life and allow you to manifest your dreams. Evalena is an amazing facilitator and goddess sharing her wisdom."

"I can imagine making this a yearly experience to set my goals, energize them, and have support for their manifestation."

"Even five weeks later, my heart is filled with gratitude for the beautiful visioning weekend you so masterfully orchestrated.  So thoughtfully organized, thrilling to be part of such a joyous, soulful, and supportive women's retreat. I have great respect and admiration for the amazing work you do as well as deep appreciation for the vibration you carry. You really are a pure channel for the Divine, Evalena, and you inspire me to grow."

"Terrific and productive! Thank you for your strong and joyful leadership."

"Evalena is a creative and gifted leader. She has been leading and inspiring women for many years, with an amazing, gentle, heart-open style. Her Women's Visioning Retreat is a nurturing environment, helping to create a space of possibility and hope for the coming year. Her pujas—heart-centered ritual journeys—are always sweet, connective, and divine. I highly recommend Evalena's work to anyone wishing to experience more connection, love, and divine radiance in their lives!"

Private Tantra Lessons

Study this extraordinary path with Evalena as an individual, couple, or small group of friends. Enjoy in-depth breathwork practices that make kundalini a resource in all of life.  Learn communication skills to support healthy intimacy, explore sacred touch. 

Couples expand their capacity to connect at deep, fulfilling levels. Erotic communication skills help both people get their needs met, make requests and give feedback in ways that increase their erotic charge.

Become an apprentice for support in developing your own teaching or private practice in Tantra.