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Why Would a Soul Choose That?

Ascended Masters often hear questions from those healing abusive and invasive experiences like “Why would my Soul choose this?” and “Why would God let this happen to me?” In cases where the invasion was by a parent or loved one, the inquiry is often a plaintive plea “Tell me how I can believe in a God that lets children get violated.” “How can I trust a soul who would choose rape?”

The answers are simple, yet so hard to comprehend from a limited human perspective. If you believe one life is all there is, you may feel cheated by anything other than that rare happy childhood. Isn’t it a wonder humans find so many ways to shatter a heart or twist a personality? Perhaps God’s plan allows for earth to be a venue into which a Being can project Itself in order to experience duality, separation from God, the opposite of love.

People may not like hearing that the earth plane is a school, that “reality” is an illusion, and that they create this dream that seems so real and out of control. Some leap from “I’m creating this” to shame and self-blame, as if this reality has served no purpose, has been for naught. As if creating your universe is only successful if every creation is “good.” Pretty tough standards to live up to!

Others jump to blaming God. God does not cause what happens to you, nor does He/She prevent it. Free Will means your Being is free to enroll in any courses (lives) in Earth School that achieve its goals. To make sense of difficult lives, one must see the larger context of a soul’s course of study.

Soul journeys often span hundreds of years and each life in a chosen journey forms one lesson in a project of many lessons. For example, a group of souls might collaborate on designing a series of intertwined lives in which they explore the dark sides of love, and what lack of love can create. They take turns being perpetrator and victim, enabler, bystander, and healer. Why, you ask? Love is never more real and vibrant and potent as it is when you return from a long sojourn into its lack.

It is ok in God’s eyes for a group of souls to produce “plays” of violence and death if that is how they set their stage for learning. It is equally ok for a group of souls to develop the capacity to organize their relationships around unconditional love and devotion to truth. The more you apply spiritual practices to everything, the more uplifted your version of reality feels. Meditation, yogic arts, sacred song and dance, and breath practices foster non-attachment and life feels lighter.

Meanings become clearer as a soul progresses through its project of many lives and emerges out the other end healed and whole again, made new by Spirit. Later incarnations in a series may mean a return to enlightenment. This might begin when a person breaks through violence to be the Spirit they are, like witches who attain serenity at the stake, becoming that which cannot be wounded even as their body burns. Lives that follow may require childhood invasions or possessions to reactivate these lessons so they can be assimilated, pushing that life to learn release. Enlightenment becomes possible as one clears traumas and aligns with Source within, becoming one’s eternal self.

Observe that some of your best healers and teachers have suffered years of abuse, often molestation or emotional violence. It cracks them open, makes their core available to Spirit, accessible to deep flows of universal love. Often women and men who’ve been invaded the most and earliest make the most sensitive channels and empathic healers. Severity of abuse requires that self-healing become lifelong. The desire to make life worth living motivates one to discharge past wounds.

A Being (the part of a Soul that creates incarnations) who wants to comprehend equanimity and emotional balance might choose lives of emotional chaos first, as a child of a raging mother, then of a father who is bipolar and borderline, and another of battling alcoholics. One might grow up and add to chaos, another one do the opposite and learn to calm storms and shelter wayward victims.

The fun for the One Being who sets all in motion is the joy of awakening. By the end of a soul’s journey, there is a healing process in which one awakens to the Source within, breaks through the illusion of darkness to become one’s true nature. Victim and perpetrator disappear in the return to Love. Free will allows you to choose love or fear each moment, to believe in what the darkness presents to you, or to become the Light at your core. It’s a lifelong process, not an event.

As you align with your heavenly origin, Source, your eternal soul, you begin to sense that nothing can harm you or take you over without your permission, and you refuse permission. But, many argue, a child or infant doesn’t have the power to choose and we agree. We know that episodes of violation are tragic for the child, and we see Spirit right by the child’s side the whole time helping its Being gain what it wants from the experience, ready at any moment to help shift the dream.

A Being may deal a set of cards to a fledgling incarnation that seem negative or cruel, but it also arranges all the spiritual resources needed to unravel the abuse and develop an exalted existence. The Being knows the personality may avoid and deny enough to devolve into a life of self abuse and addiction. Conversely, prayer, surrender, meditation, self-healing, and work with guidance can open the same person to unfold his/her magnificent authentic self. Everyone has the opportunity to evolve or devolve and each path has its own set of lessons serving the overall lesson plan.

From a big enough perspective, it all makes sense. In eternity, a lifetime is as long as a blink of an eye and most of a Soul’s existence is in the presence of the love that pervades all, spiced by these dips into physical plane reality. All the activity of incarnations, of traveling between causal, astral and physical realms is simply advanced education and entertainment for Beings that span eternity. You cannot be abandoned, for you cannot be where Goddess is not. Return to the Love that created you every moment, every day. Blessed Be. Namaste’

~ The Council of Twelve, as channeled through Evalena Rose, March 30, 2004