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You deserve more of yourself​!

You deserve more of yourself​! I’m impressed with how much we can transmute in our physical body and life, simply by bringing in our Light Body and living from our multi dimensional self. So simple, though it takes years of devotion to self love, meditation, conscious movement, and shifting our thoughts to ​arrive at this as our default. When it does, even for some days out of the week, life feels brighter.
A dear friend last summer had the courage to point out how often I would complain, seemingly justifiable complaints, but taking up too much real estate in my head, and our precious time together. Really hard to hear! Didn’t fit my picture of myself! Became one of the greatest gifts of friend c​ould give me​!
For a while, I had little to say if I couldn’t find something to complain about​ and could see how it was a bonding technique where I grew up. Then, I realized I was getting more of now, quietness in my mind​,​ and peace. As I actively shifted from negative thoughts to positive, I found more of me. Amazing the gifts we can give each other by being transparent and honest! Not always welcome in the moment, but coming from a compassionate heart, they may spark change.
I’ve come to realize that complaining comes from the pain body, and further activates the pain body, so complaining breeds complaints. I’ve become mindful of how something can put me in physical or emotional pain, then I want to complain, blame, find more reasons to hurt. If I recognize that, and shift my thoughts through my practices, the pain dissipates and my mind is clear for more productive thinking.
It’s becoming easier to do what the Council of 12 and I put on this video last year: Activating Your Light Body. Hope you find it as useful for it can erase pain in the body, lift your mood, and tap into the universal flows of energy that keep us youthful and vibrant. Blessed be the gift.