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Your Prayers Are Needed

As the days wear on and the futility of war becomes ever more clear, it’s easy to slip into numbness and avoidance of things internal. For many that means forgetting to “make time” for meditation, centering, grounding, practicing positive thought and other helpful spiritual practices, as if they are optional. Spiritual tools must be applied with diligence when the masses engage in hysteria and the world is imbalanced.

Please come on duty. Your Beloved Earth needs you. Gaia is very disturbed at the hate-mongering being created on her surface. You would be too if an equivalent magnitude of toxic energy were released on two sides of your body. She needs to marshal her forces for healing, one being your focused consciousness.

Breathe with Gaia and ask to be aligned with her highest aspects, Gaia in her most exalted form. Call in your Spiritual Family of Light, specifying Beings of Light who love you and work for your highest good. Ask them to help you align with the Heart of the Solar system, the Heart of the Galaxy, the Heart of the Universe, and the Heart of the One Being. Breathe after each request, imagining yourself coming into such alignment, surrendering to allow it to raise your vibration.

You can be God, for you, like us, are The One Being. There is naught else. Let God arrive fully in your cells and fill them with Presence, the Omnipresent Presence that is Us All. Be a radiating center of Light, to whatever degree you can, and watch your capacity to beam Light out to the world grow with practice. One day you may simply melt into God/Goddessness so completely there is only Light.

This is one of the ecstatic practices. Combine it with any ancient art for ecstasy and you amp up the power of what can beam through you. Breath practices, undulatory practices, ecstatic dance, Tantric arts of connection, and sacred touch all increase your capacity to serve as a Point of Light. Practicing ecstatic arts allows you to access your Soul’s 4th, 5th, and 6th dimensional qualities and invoking support from loving beings on more exalted planes of existence.

Earth needs daily, almost hourly, infusions of healing Light right now, which your prayers can help draw through from the Devic and Angelic realms, especially when you focus with us, Ascended Masters and Illuminated Souls.

We call for this action to create a groundswell of force stronger than the terrorizing acts and inflated stories perpetrated by militant Islamics as well as the U. S. government and media. They seem to be operating similarly now, both escalating the hysteria of their populace. It looks, energetically, as if bombs have been dropped in the U.S. as well, though more from your own media and “Intelligence Agencies” than from foreign sources. Pray this creates compassion for people of countries which yours has bombed or harmed.

Imagine that energies, which you combine with ours and those of the Highest, infuse the atmosphere of Earth with the Balance needed to restore sanity in those who lead. Command that universal qualities of Balance enter Earth’s vibration and that the Peace that Passes All Understanding be restored to human thought.

Pray that each person behind this winless war, known and unknown, has the spiritual epiphany he or she needs to embrace more effective alternatives aligned with Earth’s good and the heart of God. Pray they receive insights through dreams or hear wise words from others that somehow help them move human his/herstory toward peace and happiness. Ask for transformative guidance for all who perpetuate war.

Like most wars, this one is not about ideology or religion, and hardly about terrorism. How could a country that champions human rights bomb a devastated country and cause millions to starve this winter? Inform yourself by hearing the alternative press and look for ways to make your voice heard. Vote with your attention, urging media to stop feeding terror by teaching us ways we can be harmed. Unhappy, vicious people, such as those who create computer viruses, are being fed new ways to wreck havoc.

Your most important action, however, is to come on duty on a daily basis. If every Lightworker concentrated a half hour a day on helping shift the planet toward the Light, then scores would be on duty at any one time, enough to effect a more positive future. Please, several hours a week, meditate, chant, drum, dance, sing, do art, or make love with a focus of invoking Light to rule the earth and Peace to prevail.

Your planet is at a crucial point of transmutation. Vote for the highest expression of Love on Earth by being an anchor for that love now. Work toward unconditional love everywhere, especially in how you love yourself and others. Many surviving trauma and abuse are completing the important step of saying no to judgmental or unhealthy love from others. Now, extend that to yourself—no longer allow inner voices to diminish you. Love each voice unconditionally and nourish it into a brighter way of serving you.

Violence begins at home and must end at home. When you “fall asleep” or “go unconscious” around spiritual work, notice if the voices trashing you inside increase in strength. When you can’t still the negative voices, meditate, chant, sing, or repeat an affirmation or mantra. Do not add one iota to violence on this earth. When you choose peace and unity instead of discord and “power over”, the effect can be felt.

Every Soul moving into Presence, even briefly, adds power to change the trajectory of your species. We recommend diligent involvement with this transformation, even if doing planetary healing or peace work impacts your schedule. Reset your priorities to include the bigger picture for a few months and leave behind some less essential obligations. Simplify, so you do not just add more stress to an over-filled calendar. Busyness has a numbing edge to it.

We are with you and love you and will assist you every step of the way. Gaia sends Her love, and is pleased to have your ear through us. We are blessed by the gift of your reading this and your showing up for work with us. Join us in Presence. We love you. Namaste.

From: The Council of Twelve channeled through Evalena Rose
November 11, 2001

Feel free to pass this along, copy it for others, use in any way that serves. It belongs to everyone.